I should have started thenewvernacular a long time ago.  What held me back was (simply) that I couldn’t think of a good name for a blog.  Finally, it occurred to me that I could (simply) steal something that already existed – apologies to my good friend Mike Westling who long ago used this name.

thenewvernacular made sense to me.

The name reflects the easily overlooked fact that we share words, thoughts, images, and ideas in constantly evolving ways.  While I am (obviously) not on the forefront of social media, I also did not want to get left behind.  For me, thenewvernacular is an opportunity to use the internet for more than youtube share with my friends, family, and maybe the occasional stranger a little bit about what I do.  I also hope to post some of the new thoughts on development and international health that I come across. Occasionally I may even have an idea of my own.

For the stranger that (unsuspectingly) came upon this site, a bit about myself: I am in the process of becoming (someday) a general surgeon. Right now, I’m a first year resident (or registrar… or trainee).  To answer what you might be thinking: I do not plan to use this site to talk about patients, blood, guts or anything like that.  During medical school, I took some time to get a masters in public policy where I cofused on international development especially as it applies to increasing access to surgical care.  It turns out not having access to surgery sucks and I want to use my career to help fix that.

At the moment, however, being a resident keeps me quite busy.  And often the most interesting things I come across are bits and pieces of information that should remain private between me and my patients.  Nevertheless, I hope to make some time to write about the important things I learn by interacting with patients, doctors, and health systems… as well as maybe the occasional article I come across.

I also wish I were a photographer.  I really am not.  But I’m going to post my pictures anyways.  The photos on this site are mine unless stated otherwise (or I ‘accidently’ stole them from one of my cousins).  They were shot either using a super old Minolta SLR (less likely) or my iPhone (more likely).

I also like food.  I’ll probably be writing a lot about that.



  1. Angela

    (I enjoy you parentheticals)

  2. Angela

    (and by “you” I meant “your”)

  3. It’s most encouraging and a pleasure to see young people like you taking on the such personal missions! Africa does feature in my priority as a continent by sheer virtue of my work, but then even that transpired due to my interest. Currently concentrating on west Africa, I can see myself in other parts very soon.

    Keep up the tempo!

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