Learning to take pictures using film…

…is an expensive venture.

I recently just developed a role of Fuji BW400 and unfortunately something went wrong causing all my photos to look like they are from a newspaper printed in 1980.  One of my friends suggested this was due to the xrays at the airport (which I am inclined to believe since it means it wasn’t my fault).  But if anyone knows any different, let me know.

Anyway, 1980s newspaper or not, here are some of my favorites… with plenty of room for improvement.


My cousin’s cleansing before his wedding


A costume store in Rajasthan, India


Scrubbing for a case in Kalukembe, Angola 


Before the caesarean in Kalukembe, Angola



  1. Kewal Saluja

    Saurabh – It is unlikely due the scanners at the airport – normally those scanners do not damage films. Modern scanners do not use Xrays. My best guess for the grainy picture is that the film is 400ASA and high speed films are always grainy. Next time use 64 ASA and see the results.

  2. prateek

    Love the photos mate!

  3. Kapil

    Wow, your dad just schooled you! 🙂

  4. Kewal and Neeta Saluja

    When I was Saurabh’s age (may be a little older) I used to do black and white printing – that is all I could afford. Some of my favorite photos are B&W – including that of Saurabh’s.

    In any case I liked the photos Saurabh took – they are better than what I could do.

  5. Thanks Daddy – though I am always happy to be schooled by you! So my friend sent me to this Kodak website that says the newer x-ray technologies are known to fog film. The film went through about 20 different scanners between India and Angola and South Africa so I think that might be the culprit. ISO400 can be grainy… but this is more foggy than grainy. Anyway, maybe I’ll try the 100 again next time. It is fun but just requires TONS of light.

  6. your iphone doesn’t take photos?

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