So long Durban

Having spent the last 6 weeks in Durban, I’ve spent very little time writing about this vibrant city.  I’ve had a lovely time visiting the areas around Durban, eating at some nice restaurants in town, eating some good Indian/Pakistani food and learning to surf right in the heart of the city.  There’s plenty to write about; but in the interest of limited internet time and having prepared nothing in advance, I’ll share some photos instead.  Enjoy!

I got to take in some mediocre soccer at an extraordinary world-cup stadium.  South Africa and Senegal drew 0-0

Durban’s enormous Indian community blasts music and opens up tons of food stands on the beach every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night at Blue Lagoon.  The Indian food has definitely evolved since most of the Indians came to South Africa 3-4 generations ago… but spicy still means spicy!


I mountain biked the Sani Pass – the border crossing between Lesotho and South Africa in the Drakensberg Mountain Ranges.  It was like Lord of the Rings… except I was sweating really hard the whole time.  It was a tough bike ride (made possible by a chase car) and slightly terrifying, but well worth it!

And how can I forget Sean – surfer dude extraordinaire and my surf instructor. Had tons of fun on Durban’s warm and beautiful urban beaches!


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