It’s like the Lion King! (without lions…)

I couldn’t resist posting on this. I went to a game park called hluhluwe (pronounced: Shlushlooway… as if that helps). It was amazing.

The first night we decided to take advantage of the relative safety of St. Lucia (the town where we stayed) and go for a walk.  There were two dogs (that seemed to come free with the house we rented) that decided on their own to come along with us.  My friend Luis – as we left the front gate – warned that we might across some animals (like a hippo) and that if the dogs barked we should be aware.  I thought that was ridiculous.

Sure enough, just as I walked ahead of the group pretending to know where I was going, the two dogs took off barking into the yard of the house to our left. As I looked over I saw I ginormous (that’s metric) HIPPOPOTAMOUS about 10 meters away (pictured below)!

Hippo during night walk (picture not to scale)

While my friends were brave enough to watch the hippo from a distance for a bit… I was halfway home within seconds.  Though I’ve never shared a strong connection with dogs, I think those two Labradors knew that these stupid Americans were about to get themselves in trouble and thought it wise to come give us a hand.

Our little hippo experience set us up for a wonderful safari two days later. We saw giraffes, zebras, wildebeest, warthogs (Pumba), buffallo, impala, rhinos, baboons and… oh yeah… this elephant:

Elephant chilling out nearby

Elephant taking interest

Elephant taking lots of interest

Elephant taking too much interest

I’ll let you guess what happens next

Because of the rain I didn’t take my nicer camera – but I can guarantee you I’ll be doing one of these again soon!



  1. Kewal and Neeta Saluja

    Had I seen these photos last week, and before I talked to you, I would be worried about what happened next. Without a nicer camera, you did a wonderful job in taking these pictures.

  2. prateek

    you are right to be afraid of the big purple hippos. Hippos kill more humans than lions do, and are generally more aggressive

  3. Leandro Couto

    hahahahahahha, what a cute purple hippo! Didn’t know they were so purple! Oh, I love the elephant pics! It must be a bit scary to have an elephant stalking you though…lurking towards your jeep…enjoy your trip!

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