A final thought on… food

I am startling to get settled now in Durban, South Africa where I will spend the next six weeks.  And while I will certainly return to discuss aspects of Angola and my brief time there, I will probably be writing a bit more about this part of the world.  Before I bid a final ‘Tchau‘ to Angola – just a brief glimpse of what I ate.  I apologize for the poor quality of photos – I guess food photography is really hard. Also I would always eagerly start eating before I took the photo… apparently not good in terms of making things picturesque.

Hospital food… er… in all it’s glory.  Funge (the white stuff) is a staple and is usually made from cornmeal.  Its usually served with a meat – in this case beef that, at the hospital, always seemed to be over or under salted.  Elsewhere, there was good food – not pictured though.  My favorite was a delicious chicken stew I had in Luanda that had okra, couve and various other vegetables – it tasted great with the local hot sauce gindungu.

Funge de mandioca or Pirao: It tasted a bit more doughy but also more flavorfull.  This tasted lovely with the fish stew that it was served with (not pictured).

Barbeque chicken!


Fun flavors of Fanta!

And the centerpiece of any hot place – ice cold pilsner.  Angola has multiple types and they were generally decent.  I’ve noticed that beer is cheaper than water here (not a good thing…) and apparently beer manufacturing is one of the few domestic industries that is thriving (also not a good thing).

Anyway – I didn’t do justice to photoing or posting about Angolan food.  I forgot to take pictures of my favorite things and probably didn’t have the adventurous diet I had hoped to since I was mostly eating in hospitals or homes. Nevertheless, the food was important enough that I posted whatever I could. If anyone knows of delicious Angolan dishes I should have tried – let me know and I’ll seek it out next time!



  1. Leandro Couto

    Mmmmmmm….chicken with okra and couve sounds Brazilian to me…yummy…don’t worry about picturesque…the shots were great. Good luck in Durban. Ah! I’m meeting Prateek and Shareen in Rio for Carnival…come along with us!!!!!!!

  2. prateek

    Nothing impresses the eye quite as much as a cold beer on a hot day. while you´re photographing pilsner in angola, here i am in buenos aires toasting your good health with a bottle of Quilmes. Yes i finished the whole bottle. Yes i am therefore off my face.

    As it turns out, excessive beer consumption anywhere in the world results in the drinking participant being rendered borracho muy pronto. It´s 86 degrees goddammit!!!

  3. Leandro Couto

    now I want to have beer with you guys! The 3 of us (does shareen drink beer?) + beer + Rio + heat wave…sounds great!

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