Getting there is half the battle

I’ve been in Angola for almost a week now but I feel obliged to start at the beginning from when I left Boston.

I had the pleasure of an exit row seat for the Boston to Amsterdam flight.  Not bad:

At the Amsterdam airport, I thought I’d get a nice dutch breakfast. I was pleased that it came under 10 bucks… until I realized that 10 euros is about 17 dollars.  Ouch.

Here’s how to spend a night in Johannesburg airport with all your bags secured.  In case you are wondering, this was not comfortable and I did not really sleep at all.

Sure it was 9AM in Windhoek but my body really didn’t know what time it was. So I had a beer!

Alright – nothing about surgery or international development and no good photos in that post. But I had to post something for my parents to see that 1) yes I am eating, 2) yes I am keeping my bags safe and 3) yes I’ll make sure to have fun too.



  1. Leandro Couto

    Nothing can be more tiring that apêndice a night hall asleep in an airport wondering if you bags will still be there when you wake up…nightmarish…glad everything was fine!

  2. Leandro Couto

    Oh how I hate the iPad self correction…I meant spend a night half asleep…

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