Next stop… Angola!

Well, there will be some stop overs on the way… in Amsterdam and Johannesburg and Windhoek… but in 40 hours I’ll be there!

For those of you who don’t know, I am working on a project looking at surgical care in Angola and (after some persistence at trying to get the visa pictured above) I am finally on my way.  While in Angola my posts may be limited but once I get to South Africa I plan to update about all the highlights.  In total, I will be in-country for about two weeks.  I initially arrive in Lubango where I will be greeted by my hosts and after a few days will travel to a bush hospital in Kalukembe.  Following that, I head over to the capital city Luanda to (hopefully) conduct some more interviews with people involved with surgical education and at the Ministry of Health.

I just realized – having already left home – that I forgot my raincoat.  Well… at least I have my passport (check), green card (check), and camera (check).



  1. Good luck! I’ve spent some time in Namibia, SA & Mozambique myself. Fascinating part of the world!

  2. Kewal and Neeta Saluja

    Saurabh – we are glad you are safely there. We will be following your blog religiousley – and we should.
    Keep it up and lot of love to you. Your parents – Kewal and Neeta

  3. Dnyanada

    Enjoyed your blogs. Looking forward to more. Proud of you!!!!!! – Dnyanada

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