A New OR in Rural Rajasthan

I recently had the opportunity to revisit a hospital where , three years earlier, I had spent a few months on a research project.

Before I had developed an interest in surgery, I travelled to a rural hospital in the Indian state of Rajasthan to study their malaria treatment and prevention programs.  Reflecting on my findings, it occurred to me that the drastic drop-off in malaria rates that the region had experienced spoke to more than just malaria treatment and prevention.  After I returned, I wrote an article trying to make the case that spending on health and infrastructure in rural India can show true dividends.

On this recent trip to India, I made my aunt and uncle take sick-days from work (sorry Mausi) and made a day-trip back to the hospital. When I had left the hospital last time, the chief doctor (an uncle of mine) had told me about his plans to build new operating rooms, start a blood bank, and expand the maternity ward.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, but I was thrilled to see that not only had his plans materialized in three short years, but the hospital now had a functioning NICU (neonatal ICU), a full time obstetrician, and a pediatrician.

A new neonatal ICU

A blood bank with a backup generator

A maternity ward – ready to open

…and lots more construction



  1. Sonali Saluja

    Sweeeeet Blog Saurabh!! Love the pictures. Have a safe trip to Angola and do some good work!

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